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Farm Profit Programme: grass, grass and more grass at Cranna
Grass growth has been excellent for the Duguids at Cranna, but weather conditions have become challenging.
Farm Profit Programme: forage crops are cutting costs at Arnage
The Biffen family at Arnage are exploring the use of more forage crops to reduce wintering costs of both cattle and sheep on the farm. Declan Marren writes.
Farm Profit Programme: Making the most of grass this autumn
Declan Marren looks at some of the options farmers have to make the most of the exceptional grass growing conditions on Scottish farms this year.
Farm Profit Programme: 10 reasons to outwinter cows this year
While yards are positively heaving with silage compared with this time last year, Declan Marren outlines why outwintering is still a viable option for farmers this year.