Berries, hips and bus trips are the first focus of November
As winter arrives, berries and all their wondrous uses are providing the colour in the garden. Lily Champ writes

November is the first month of winter and a slack time in the garden as all of the summer blooms have faded. The only colour out there is from the berries on the different shrubs. Here in our garden, the rosa rugosa is covered in hip berries like small tomatoes. In times past, the syrup from these hips were used to relieve sore throats, but they can also be made into some jam.

Cotoneaster is also a lovely vivid berry that grows in little clumps and really looks great against the dark leaves of the shrub. It is ideal for flower arranging. Then there is the firethorn in brilliant yellow and red and of course the holly, which many years ago no house would have been without. Here in the garden, there is the variegated variety with yellow and green leaves and it looks really well in Christmas arrangements.