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Issue resolved after some farmers could not apply to BEAM
A small number of farmers had been unable to apply to the €100m BEAM scheme this week.
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Weighing up options on Tullamore Farm
Tullamore Farm has experienced the best year yet in terms of grass growth and management; lamb drafting is also going well. However, beef and lamb prices will hit the farm hard. Adam Woods reports
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Grass+Beef: steady growth rate under threat
Matthew Halpin looks at the grass growth rates this week and gives some tips for dealing with deteriorating grass quality and ground conditions on beef farms.
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Autumn farm walk: changing cow type in Co Down
Thomas and Paul Jamison will host the first of two autumn farm walks on 29 August on their Co Down farm.
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Watch: getting the most from a clinical exam
Watching animals closely and then knowing how to routinely examine them is very important. Treating disease early gets better results.
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Ringside comment: increasing export demand a positive for a variable trade
Increased exporter activity helping place a floor under trade, but short-keep steers and heifers still a difficult trade.
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Up to €1,000 off Stanley and Rayburn range cookers
Summer is the perfect time to carry out some maintenance on your Stanley or Rayburn range cooker so that you won't have any worries when the weather starts to turn colder.
Carpool in the Country: Connemara Hill Lamb
In the Connemara mountains, the lambs that roam them produce a flavour so unique that they have gained a European Protected Geographical Indicator (PGI) status. We meet the farmer behind it all.
Big savings for early bird quad seekers
This August the early bird will catch the worm when it comes to saving money on the Honda quad range!
€8,100 savings on the Meegan farm in Co Meath
Gerard and Martin Meegan from Navan took the Smart Farming challenge recently. They identified over €8,100 in cost savings and ways to reduce their climate impact by almost 5%.