Mandatory recording of dam breed on cattle ID cards
The move will leave farmers in a better position to inform themselves on the breeding of any calves they are purchasing.
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New Zealand lamb crop down 2.4% or 552,000 head
The significant reduction in numbers was driven primarily by a lower lambing percentage and fewer ewes and ewe hoggets mated.
New Zealand women set shearing record
The youngest member of the team, 23-year-old Megan Whitehead, led the count for the women, shearing 608 lambs.
New ICBF calving figures go live
Calving difficulty and dairy beef index included in new ICBF genetic evaluations.
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Mitsubishi Motors hybrid electric event
At the Mitsubishi hybrid electric event, you’ll get all the information you need from the world’s best-selling plug-in hybrid electric vehicle brand.
Colostrum Management "I don't have time for scouring calves" says Wicklow farmer
Colostrum is the single most important nutrient for the newborn calf as it contains high levels of energy, growth promoters, vitamins and immunoglobulins.
Reduce labour next spring, vaccinate early this winter
Now is the time to plan to reduce the workload in the busy spring and introduce some laboursaving solutions to make life easier and more effective for both man and beast.
Powering the future with Marshill Renewables
Marshill Renewables is seeking farmers and land-owners to rent their land for the construction of wind turbines in the Republic of Ireland.
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