Tillage farmer Jeremiah Dineen was announced the overall winner of this year’s Dairygold malting barley competition at Friday’s tillage conference at the Corrin Events Centre.

Dineen farms with his wife Patricia on 80ha of tillage ground in Ovens, 12km west of Cork city. He is a firm believer of crop rotation, religiously rotating oilseed rape, winter wheat, winter barley and spring barley.

Consistently producing excellent-quality grain and prioritising the environment by protecting water quality and embracing biodiversity has earned Jeremiah the prestigious title, according to judges Teagasc crops and horticulture specialist Jimmy O’Mahony and Dairygold farm sustainability adviser Ciara Donovan.

“His attention to detail is obvious and commendable. His planning, technical and machinery expertise, as well as record keeping, is very impressive. His wealth of experience and knowledge of tillage and malting industries has stood by him in this year’s competition,” O’Mahony said.


Donovan said that he has embraced environmental schemes and has developed an impressive knowledge of catch crops and conservation tillage techniques.

“Located on the banks of the Bride, water protection was embraced and biodiversity was encouraged, particularly by managing excellent hedgerow throughout the farm.

“In addition, his balance as regards taking care of the environment confirms our view that he is the overall winner of the 2019 Dairygold malting barley competition - he excelled in all scores,” she said.

Speaking about the competition, Dairygold tillage and beef business manager Liam Leahy said it is a great opportunity to showcase the standard of grain produced by the co-operative’s growers.

“The diversity of the contestants was impressive, varying from large specialist tillage farmers to relatively small mixed livestock tillage farms. All were committed to excellence,” he said.